Monday, April 13, 2009

A Free Day

WOW, a free day...oh there's lots I could be doing but find myself alone and I have decided I will have a knit day........I am almost through with Come Spring Lacey Vest by Jane Thornley but ran out of one of the yarns I am using and will have to wait until the end of the week to finish as I got the yarn in the mountains....I started another one yesterday and I am almost through the the two fronts......I think I am addicted to this pattern. Once I got it adjusted to my size, it goes really quick........ I am also working on a blanket for my grandson who is to arrive on May 12 so I'd better finish it but do love working on the vests.....I even played around with starting one with one of the yarn that I had spun but found it alittle bulky for right I think I will wait on it....... I am really excited about about something new in my schedule.....I bought an exercise bike that has a back on it and I can ride and knit at the same time so I turn my ipod on or the TV and here I go, exercising and knitting at the same time......can't believe I have finally found something that I will do....I knew if I could find something that I could knit while doing that I would be more faithful...well here goes......let's see how much wt I can loose..........

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