Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I found a notebook today from 2002 and it contained pictures and thoughts on women's creative spaces.....I did a double take as that is exactly what I have been thinking, reading and searching lately.....I found an awesome magazine on the subject "Where Women Create" and it is full of ideas and interesting stories about different creative people. I have been changing my own workspace recently....It seems every so often I need to change things around depending on my interests at the time and how I am feeling about my space.... I am the most pleased with it right now that I have been in a long time......It has become a haven and nurturing environment and I found myself retreating to it as often as possible. Even my animals, Simon (A Russian blue) and Daisy (A Havanese) hang out in here as long as I am here and often when I am not.....It's comfortable and has everything I need to knit, spin, scrapbook, comprise art journals, embroider, sew or read.....I even have an exercise bike that I can ride and watch TV or knit at the same time........or play on the internet..... I love the idea of women having their own space.....Men don't seem to have a problem carving out a space for themselves why do women? I know that it is hard to find that space sometimes but I do believe everyone needs somewhere that is their own even if it's a closet......I have used closets in the past and find they can be quite effective......It's all about being creative and taking care of one's inter dreams and directing those God given talents...........

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