Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What takes our time?

Thinking about goals for the new year, I have to ask myself the question "What takes my time".....and if I am not careful I find my time is not balanced between what is important and what is triviel.  Maybe I should start with what do I consider important......1.  My relationship with God 2.  My husband and family 3.  My friends 4.  My creative pursuits 5.  My animals and within each of these comes fun, doing for others, and making a contribution......
What I do find is that when God is first, the rest work out and in the correct order with the appropriate amount of attention given to each.  So my life can be fairly simple if I keep things in the correct order.
It doesn't mean there won't be hurts, disappointments, and frustrations but it does mean I have a source to go to for the help I need in each area of my life.  It's good to be loved.

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