Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sweet clever Simon

Simon, my sweet clever cat, has done it again. I was working on a journal page.....Simon jumps up to see what's going on and is walking all over my desk...of course there is every color of paint...just as I am trying to direct him off the table, he walks through the colbot blue and dashes across the couch, down onto the carpet, and runs through the house leaving a trail of blue cat prints........I got most of them up but there are still
a few on the sofa in my studio...I threw a throw against them and decided it would be a remembrance of my dearly loved Simon and the Saturday I worked on my journal pages......


  1. Hello....this is my first visit to your blog...and your post here brought back my own 'cat paw' memories. I was doing this painting of a ballerina in oils for highschool, and upon returning to my bedroom, I noticed a pink trail of paw prints going all over,,,just like you..i cleaned them all up, but decided to leave the ones in the painting....they added a nice personal touch, and great texture.

    maybe our pets are artists as

    thanks for sharing

    come by and see me's nice to meet fellow artists in this blogging world


  2. How cute :) I´m living with three adorable cats myself and this story sounded very familiar to me. Whenever I start to paint they visit me in my studio, always up to do some funny cheeky things like dipping their paws in my water-bowl or in my colors or rubbing their heads on my easel while I´m working. But we can´t help but loving them, isn´t it? :)

    Did you ever notice how many creative people are living with cats? I´m sure there is any connection. All cats own a remarkable free spirit and very strong will, I find this quite inspiring!

    Love to you and a good bellyrub for your sweet litte Simon :)

    Mahalo ~ Bettina


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