Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finding a Face

I have been excited to try Norah's technique of just putting paint on paper and then finding a face....
Well, I tried it and not only did I find one face, but I found three.......mine are alittle primative because of my painting abilities but I had so much fun..... then the next one I found only one......Darla is certainly right about one takes the pressure off to know what you are going to paint......I am sorry that I didn't take pictures of just the paint on the paper but next time I will......

Hugs and Blessings


  1. three is always better than glad you're having fun!
    (the rhyme was unintentional!!) xox, ;))

  2. This sounds like a fun concept! My kitchen floor, it's cork flooring, it has so many patterns in it that each time I sit and stare, I see cartoon characters all over it....and I've often said that I should grab a doodle pad and draw what I see...

    fun is endless!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. Hey Girlfriend: JJ and I have been looking at your blog and we think you are having way too much fun. We want to come "play" in your world with you! Love your new paintings. PG

  4. Nancy .. these are wonderful!
    I was reading your profile info while seeing you share in Bible teachings. Do you
    know Stuart Briscoe and his wife Jill.
    They are internationally known, writers, teachers. See my side bar! lol
    I am going to go eat but will return here in a few.. hugs, Darlene..


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