Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Glimpses into One's Self through Art

Pat and I just finished leading our second Footprints to the Potter's House retreat and we were so blessed.....We had a wonderful and adventuresome group of girls and God showed us how to LISTEN and that we can communicate through art journaling.....It was a very inspiring weekend for me as I always learn more than those who attend.......

I got the group started on their art journal project and decided I would do one as well......It's not finished but next time I go to the mountains I will finish it...but did get some valuable insights while each of us discussed our page.....I ended up putting mine on canvas just because of lack of space......
I learned that one reason for my obcession of painting faces is that I am trying to figure out just who I am.....instead of who everybody else expects me to be.....One corner reflects my desire for the new and unexpected.....while the far corner is pretty much left with the bad memories off to themselves and fading with less impact on my life.....All around is creativity and my favorite colors........I'm still covering my face with some butterflies so evidently I don't feel I am out of the cocoon yet......
I don't know what I will add but feel it needs alittle more.......Always love getting insights into what's going on inside of me....I was amazed that each girl's page revealed issues they were dealing with and that they loved getting insights into themselves....

It was a great weekend where God showed up in all His glory and loved on some of His gals...
If you're interested in seeing and hearing more just go to http://wwwfootprintstothepottershouse.blogspot.com/

Thank each of you who were praying for this past weekend.  Your prayers were answered in wonderful ways for each girl.......

Hugs and blessings,


  1. Nancy this is lovely, but more than that it is an amazing window into your life. I am continually blown away at how God uses art in our lives. Even when we may not see anything in the moment of creating, it usually speaks to us at some point. I have completed journal pages that took time to unravel and see.

    Hugs dear friend - that is what you have become to me!!

  2. Nancy this is so wonderful, especially hearing what the images and elements on the canvas mean to you, very powerful. Sounds like you are working to discover the fullness of that 'Inner Compass' too :-) And yes you may use what I wrote, I'm glad it spoke to you in some way...We are loved by such a creative God is it any wonder he by-passes our head and goes straight to the heart through image.

  3. I like so much your way to see and your interpretation, is very nice

  4. I love the title of your blog and just had to stop by! Delighted to meet you today. I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a delightful spot to slip off my shoes and drench myself in creative goodness.


  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful and blessed weekend. Isn't God good!

  6. Nancy! This is so moving and meaningful - powerful really. I do believe in expressive art and this surely fits the bill! Blessings! xxoo

  7. I am always inspired by reading your posts, this one especially. I know that those who attended were richly blessed by your time together. I know I am inspired just by reading about it. Blessings to you in your life, I am so glad we connected through knitting. I am finding there is so much more you offer than knitting, I am in awe of your talents. God is awesome to bring our paths together!

  8. hi sweet nancy! your canvas is so sweet......and i absolutely LOVE it that you are discovering so many wonderful things about yourself through your artwork!!! God is so good!!! xox, :))

  9. Sounds like a fabulous time. Glad you are able to be a leader in this way, for the Lord.

  10. Butterfly N, I love your insights and assessments of the weekend. Oh the places we are going and all we are learning. Looking at this picture on the blog gave me a whole different thought process. How about - for me - a harness (of the past) and I am pulling with all my might to "touch" the NOW! Whoa. PG

  11. Nancy, your post is beautiful and I am so glad you told us through your precious journal art piece a bit more about your life and what is happening inside your soul. I would give almost anything to come and sit with you and create along side of you in the mountains. We would have the most fun and I would so enjoy hugging you in person.

    Your sweet soul just resonates through these pages. Thank you my friend!

    Lee Ann


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