Monday, August 9, 2010

Drive on a Curvy Road

We took a drive over the mountain on a very curvy road.....I found the cutest old barns with quilt squares on them.  I was so surprised to find so many on this road and I missed one because my battery died in my camera......It was a beautiful drive and the view of the mountains was spectacular.

This isn't a quilt square but I liked the picture of the horse...

Hugs and blessings,


  1. Those are so cool! I've never seen one on a barn around here.

  2. love the old barns and I would never have figured out that they were quilting squares!

  3. oh, i love old barns, and the quilt squares are so cool! beautiful countryside..

  4. these are so fun. we saw several of these on the way to Meg's collage. we take her next week!!

  5. I love old barns; used to sketch them a lot.

  6. I love the barns and quilt squares. So much fun watching for them when you travel.
    Several of the barns in Kentucky have them if you are ever in that part of the country.

  7. I like old buildings. My imagination goes crazy thinking of potential treasures they hold.(the pack rat in me)
    Curiosity has me though. Why quilting squares on old barns?

  8. That is amazing. I've lived in every state, except Hawaii, an' I've never seen anything like it. Thank you for sharing.

    ~ Yaya

  9. How cool. Glad you are having fun!!!!


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