Saturday, September 4, 2010


Every once in a while, I like to pause and think about how thankful I am for girlfriends.....I have been blessed over the years to have several that are as close or closer than sisters...ones who take you just the way you are, with no judgements or compliants....Gals who take the good and leave the bad and are always encouraging and inspiring you to be your best.....I like to call them kindred spirits....gals that God has placed in your life to be His hands and lips and are always loyal and always have your back.....

I am so thankful that God has added many of you to that catagory...I have found acceptance and encouragement among you and even though I have not met you in person, I feel as close to you as to many of my friends.....You will probably never know the impact you have had and are having on my life and in a postive way....Thanks for visiting me, accepting me, and encouraging me to be my best....

I did this digi collage as a thank you for each of the special women God has brought into my life....

Hugs and blessings,


  1. It's beautiful, Nancy! That could be printed as a card.

  2. loooooove this garden creation ~
    on paper & in real life.
    holding such gifts closely & dearly,

  3. The digital collage is wonderful. I love your post about friendship, friends have been so important in my life. -Lynn

  4. Awww Nancy! You are a sweetheart of a friend. Your heart is soooooo Big and Beautiful. What a beautiful card and sentiment. Thank you.

    ♥Lee Ann

  5. Yes, open and accepting hearts. Celebrating the positive and accepting and overlooking the each others negatives when necessary. Knowing we are all a work in process. Though we have not met face to face - yet - you are one of those friends to me.

    I am blessed indeed!!

  6. I can relate to your closeness to special friends.
    I have been blessed with a few very special people in my life.
    When everybody else gives up on you they just stay there and wait for the storm to blow over and resume friendships.

  7. Qué razón tienes, la amistad es una de las mejores cosas que nos da la vida.

  8. How WONDERFUL, Nancy, and absolutely resonates with my feelings for the special bloggy friends I have in you and a few other lovely women.....

    So grateful as well.....what a grace these friendships are...

    Thanks for your sweet heart towards me : )

  9. Nancy;
    This post was beautiful. Your artwork is stunning. I want to learn more about collage myself, so seeing your work makes me want to even more. Thank you for reminding me of the treasure we have in girlfriends! I am especially grateful for my friends that join me on this creative journey. I include you in that statement. I would love to meet you in person, we have mentioned that, let's make that happen. You inspire me with your artwork and your written word, thank you for that. Blessings to you! Donna

  10. Beautiful post Nancy! This collage is a wonderful tribute to your friends! :)

  11. I too have found wonderful friends in Blogland, and am so very thankful for I know God puts new friends in our lives to encourage and share with us. I am excited that I get to meet you in person soon...(((hugs))) Blessings for a wonderful week ahead!!!


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