Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall in the Mountains

The mountains are so beautiful right that words can't describe their splender.....if  I am sitting by the stream or hiking up the trail, words fail me as I try to take in all the beauty God has created...
So rather than try, I am going to show you........


Hugs and blessings,


  1. Oh, so beautiful! The pictures are so peaceful, that they relax me just looking at them!

  2. Wonderful, Nancy!!! Headed up there myself this weekend, can't wait!! : ) Hinds feet on High Places...

    : )

  3. so beautiful.....can't wait!!!

  4. Our Blue Ridge Mountains in Va. are pretty much the same as yours in N.C....laden with gold right now. I haven't heard if this is the peak week for them but it certainly looks like it. I'm so glad you posted all of this beauty and aren't we lucky to be able to experience it?

  5. Gorgeous scenery, Nancy; thank you so much for sharing these images here. I don't know that I will make it up this year, to see all of the leaves changing colors, so it's nice to see photos. The foothills are beginning to make their colorful changes, also, but they are never anywhere near as gorgeous here as they are in our mountains. You live in God's Country ~ enjoy the beauty!

  6. Oh THANK you!!!
    I am longing to visit the mountains
    and haven't been able to make the room
    yet.....feel as if I'm missing October
    Your photos are like the chocolate
    I've been craving.
    Going to scroll back for a second bite.
    Much, much thanks:)

  7. Wow! Oh how I would love this place! It would be like heaven to me. Continue to enjoy the master creator's masterpiece!

  8. I already miss it girl. Had a great time. Praying for your weekend. Let me know how it goes. Love to you,

  9. Superb pictures of autumnal beauty. I am glad i found your blog
    hugs June xxxx

  10. Stunning photos! I always live through you a little bit...we are a bit flat here ; )

  11. Hola soy Maite, tu seguidora española. He tenido que dejaros como seguidora porque no me funcionaban bien vuestros blogger, ya tengo el problema solucionado y aquí estoy de nuevo.

  12. wow, amazing ! God be blessed !


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