Friday, December 3, 2010

My Bossy Cat

I can't stop laughing at Simon, my human cat, this morning....
Here's the story.  Several weeks ago, a friend of mine whose daughter makes dog beds, sent me a beautiful fleece dog bed for Daisy.  She knows I love butterflies so it's covered in butterflies and oh so soft.
So I put it out for Daisy and she immediately started sniffing and climbed in for a test drive....that didn't last long as Simon came over and after sniffing it, he pushed Daisy out and climbed in and you could tell it wasn't for a test drive.....He had found his new bed.
Every time Daisy would attempt to claim her gift, Simon would push her away and climb in for a nap.  Well, needless to say, Daisy has just about stopped trying to claim her gift and has generously handed it over to Simon.  He curls up in it with a glazed look on his eyes as if surely he has found heaven.....

Hugs and blessings,


  1. Nancy that is a hoot! I can just picture Simon doing that. And you have to admit, he looks mighty good on that bed, but I do feel for sweet Daisy.

    Oh, it is one of the prettiest doggie/kitty beds ever!

    and that photo must go in a journal page don't you think??!!

  2. Cats are so funny! I can't blame him - it looks pretty nice!

  3. Oh my,
    it's good to be Daisy
    and Simon:)

  4. I've always wondered why God put cats on earth.
    I suppose we humans need to be entertained so the cat uses the dog as his prop.
    I like the bed.

  5. well, i must admit that this sweet butterfly bed looks mighty cozy.....i don't really blame your kitty for taking it over!! i hope simon finds another new bed!!! xoxo, :))


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