Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Special Angel

As the Christmas season comes into view, we hear and talk more than usual about angels; we even sing about them and decorate our houses with them.....They played a very important part in the birth of Jesus.

So when Sissy, our almost 4 year old granddaughter, invited us to go  to her Christmas program, we were not surprised that she was dressed as an angel.  She is a very independent child with a mind of her own and one who will not let you put anything in her hair and does not perform on command or because you want her to...So we had anticipated that she would probably not participate on stage.
Miracle number one....she walks down the isle with a garland around her head smiling as she passes as if she knows a secret....
She walks up on stage with the rest of the kids and to our amazement she sings all the songs, plays her tambourine,  raises her arms and is absolutely the life of the program......

All I can say, kids are amazing and always seem to surprise you when you least expect it.....She was my adorable angel and it was a day her Nanie will never forget.....When she passed by us smiling, she knew what she was going to do.......I so look forward to all that God has for her because she is a very smart and talented little girl....and I love her to pieces.....

Thanks for letting this Grandma share alittle of what makes her the happiest......

                          Hugs and blessings,


  1. So precious
    ...would make a wonderful
    children's book:)
    Glad you were
    blessed by this angel
    and thanks for sharing
    her with us,

  2. she is adorable "Nanie" I know you just loved watching her!

  3. She is so cute - and angel for sure!

  4. Ah Nancy, she is sooooo sweet! I can understand why she is your angel. ( I have a granddaugher about the same age) Doesn't it just make your grandmother's heart want to burst with love and pride! She is also so blessed to have you as her grandmother. ♥

  5. She is darling. Makes me want to have grandchildren! Thanks for such a heartwarming narrative and pics.

  6. sweetness!
    & may such wings
    continue to

  7. Precious, just like her Grandma. How in the world are you my friend?

  8. Darn I keep forgetting to check this blog so I've missed out on all the fun family photos and stories. What a great family you have, love seeing and hearing all about them.


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