Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fun at "The Stitchery"

Yesterday I had great fun at the local yarn shop here on St. Simons, The Stitchery.....The owner is Bo and she has collected the most beautiful yarns you have ever seen.  It's like going into a candy store where you can't decide what you want because their are so many varieties......

She had a shawl, the Sursa, on display....in three different colorways with three different ruffled edges...they were to die for.....I ended up getting the suppliesd for one and knitted a section of it last night....Then she had great sock yarn and I bought two different colors....She also had the cutest gift tags; couldn't resist them.  I had to get out of the shop before I did any more damage.....A great yarn shop.  If you're ever on St. Simons, please go by...(By the way, the green is for the ruffle)


  1. The beginnings of your shawl look lovely. Looking forward to seeing the finished shawl.

  2. Thank you so much....I am working on the ruffle so I am almost finished.....


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