Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I can't stop drawing faces.....or trying to draw faces.....I tried along time ago and did a few but got frustrated and went on to something it's back.....I can sit all day and night and draw faces...most of them I am not satisfied with but ever now and then I can see improvement.......
I started back drawing faces with the idea of practicing for my dolls.....but now it's more than that....I am taking a class on line and I hope to learn shading, etc.........Anway, thought I would share the one I did today that I am most please with....I know her right eye is not straight but still she talked to me and she wants to stay around...I think I will keep her...I wish I had put a wash on the background before I started but was so intent on starting that I didn't.....lesson for next time....decided to do another...very different person came out....
Thanks to all of you have amazing talent out there and share with us....I admire you so much...
I need to get back to my knitting and spinning; I have been spending all my free time painting.....but it is so much fun....
Hugs and Blessings,


  1. Hi, I am Emelie from Nora's faces. I can't stop either, it is so fun, I have been doing this for about a year, blogging for about 2 months. Happy to see your at nora's.

  2. I'm glad to see you still at it...Practise makes perfect...they don't say that for nothing! And it's important that you are enjoying the should be an obsession!!!!!!!!!!! it is with me!

    ciao bella...

    love your whimsical...

  3. hi butterfly! i think that your artwork is wonderful! i can see how you could get addicted to drawing those faces....they really speak to you, just like your sweet dolls! keep having fun with your art! thanks for stopping by my's great meeting you! :))

  4. sorry to be late getting back to you; I'm glad you liked my coneflower. Your drawings are great; I especially like the top one - brilliant eyes!!


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