Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some of my Horse Shirts

I really didn't know what I was going to write about today so I decided I would just see what would come to me.....I was in my closet looking for a shirt to paint in when I came across some of my favoriate horse shirts from shows and some for fun...
When I was about eleven years old, I begged my Dad for a horse and he got me one....His name was Lightning not because he was fast but because he would hardly move...My Dad was afraid I was going to get hurt so he found one that was just before death....But I loved Lightning and he gave me so much love and was so patient with me as I learned to ride....
Well, the teenage years came and boys, etc...and my horse fancy took a step married, had children and they were off to college.  One day as I was having my quite time, the thought came to me "you need a new challenge why not start riding again...."  I did and after trying many horses finally found my love, Casey.  She was a quarter horse that would take care of you.  She could move out if needed and if she sensed you were concerned she would stop....Together we trained and grew into a solid partnership......
She listened when I was troubled and gave me all her love......Two years ago she died after developing bladder cancer..
She holds a special place in my heart and I miss her terribly...I am not riding anymore.  You could never get another horse as good as Casey......
I will always hold on to these shirts because I had
so much fun wearing them while working or taking care of Casey.
Thanks for listening to me while I remembered special times with my Casey. I hope you enjoy my shirt show.....
Hugs and Blessings,



  1. i loved hearing about your memories of lightning and casey.....they sound like wonderful companions, and i know that they will be in your heart forever! my uncle has race horses (in indiana) and i remember great times going to the race track....."and they're off...."

    you have the most wonderful shirt collection....i love the one about the saddle making my butt look big....hee hee :))

  2. What wonderful memories and great shirts. My daughter rode for five years and it was a wonderful experience!!

  3. Oh my goodness, this took me back to my youth! I also begged for a horse when I was in grade school and Daddy bought me Taffy, the most sway backed horse you have ever seen who couldn't decide if she was 5 gaited or three gaited. No one knew how old Taffy was, but it was thought she is well into her twenties. Later I rode Hunter and jumped over huge jumps and went to shows and fox hunts and I think it's the fondest memories I have in my life. Maybe I will also post some pictures of me and my beloved, Rosie, the Canamara, that I trained and that would jump over the moon if you would let her. Thanks for the memories!

  4. I'm so glad you shared this with all of us, it's hard to explain the connection we feel with these amazing animals and their ability to understand or sense our deepest emotions. One of a kind, you couldn't have paid a greater tribute to Casey. She's beautiful.
    Your shirt collection made me smile :-)

  5. Nancy, I hardly know what to say except thank you for taking the time to encourage me in both what I write and create. I appreciate it more than I can say.

  6. Thanks for sharing your memories - wonderful. Your shirts are really neat!

  7. thank you for sharing that, I had a horse called Dippy..short for Maralinga Diplomacy, he was my best friend but he had to leave me for greener pastures a few years back, I still miss him terribly and I treasure the smell of his grooming bin :)

  8. Nancy, is that you in the photograph? So pretty! What a nice shot! It´s so sad when we lose a beloved animal friend, I know so good how you feel. My hubby and I live in an old farmhouse and every "unwanted" animal finds a home at our place, that´s what I´m living for with all my heart. Though I had to say goodbye to many beloved friends I always look back at the good times with the knowledge I gave them a good home and as much love as even possible. Keep your darling in your heart. Thank you for sharing this story, very touching.
    Hugs ~ Bettina


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