Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Coming off the Mountain

Good Morning,
Well I have had two mountain experiences recently; one at the retreat and the other one in Colorado,  and the old saying "you can expect to be tested on what you learned in the mountains" is TRUE......After the wonderful experience at the retreat, God has been showing me some issues in my own heart that He definitely wants me to deal with now........

.A book that I would like to share with you is Beth Moore's
"So Long, Insecurity, You've been a Bad Friend"..........It has lots of wonderful insights on issues that God has been dealing with me......I can feel very intimadated around certain personality types and she says God gives us our security and strength and no body can take that from us...so I have been practicing saying that to myself when I am in those situations and asking God to remind me to say it quickly before the "old tapes" start running.......many more I could share but I'll let you read the book for yourself....it's very good.,
Another book that has had a huge impact on me was suggested by Mary, Leanne Payne, "Listening Prayer"
To practice His presence has been so important....It's starnge because I have known the Scripture "I will never leave or forsake you, etc., forever,,,,yet for some reason just thinking He is always with me every second is changing my life....I find it interesting that just a twist on an insight and a lightbulb will come on.....
God has been giving me many light bulb moments lately; I assume it's putting into pratice what I learned on the mountain and maybe have had head knowledge of for some time...maybe it's a deeper level of the same messages......but I can tell you for sure....He is Working.........

He is our Rock

He Examines Our Hearts

He Plants us by Streams of Living Water

Hugs and Blessings,


  1. without our reliance on our creator, we haven't got much in this world! I'm happy to see that you are developing a close relationship with the most important one of all!

    ciao bella
    thanks so much for your visit and comments!
    creative carmelina was here!!!!


  2. That was a beautiful post!! Thank you!

  3. I'm right there with you!!

  4. it sounds like God is working quickly in showing you some of the wisdoms that you learned at the retreat! i've heard great things about beth moore's books and i would love to someday take one of her Bible studies. i'm always fascinated by the complex layers that come with Scripture.....it's always so meaningful depending on where we are with our walk! xox, :)))

  5. Such beautiful inspiration. Thank you!

    Hugs and love,

  6. Hello Nancy
    I have enjoyed visiting your very special blog. Thank you for your kind comments to me.
    Best wishes

  7. Hi Nancy....I have heard of both of those books recently....the titles are so appealing....makes you want to know more! You express beautifully what we want to hear....thanks for your comments, too. Love your knitting by the way! I'll be back...sherry

  8. That's the thing about mountain tops, none of us can live there, we always have to make the journey back down to where ordinary living is possible. You'll notice little can sustain growth on a mountain peak. I think that's why he limits them because he knows we need to take what we gain in perspective from that vantage point and bring it into the plains of ordinary life where real growth gets worked out. I'm glad your back :-)

  9. This is a wonderful post. And thanks for the book suggestions. I love Beth.


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