Monday, June 14, 2010

Flowers at the Art Shed

It's been raining hard on and off for two days and just a few minutes ago the sun came out and I decided I'd better take some pictures....I don't think the pictures do the flowers justice but I had a great surprise which makes it all worth while......I will start with the picture of the surprise...and remember they were so engrossed with eating, that I was just a couple of inches from zoom.....

Aren't they know how I love butterflies and cone flowers....

This is the Art Shed
They are hard to see from this distance, but there are flowers planted in front of those rocks and day lillies on the other side.......when they get larger I will take another picture....
These are the flowers I just planated behind the rocks....I am afraid the rain took it's toll...
A Bee wanting in on the Action

This is a view from the porch of the shed........flower garden and fire pit

Sometime, I will write the history of this place and how it came to be ours
but in the meantime I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Hugs and Blessings,


  1. Beautiful pictures; I really enjoyed them. I love your one as your Blog banner - wonderful! I look forward to reading about the history of how you came to own your beautiful place! xxoo

  2. Thanks Marilyn, those butterflies just blew me away with their beauty.....history coming soon.
    Hugs and blessings

  3. oh how pretty!
    i love the butterfly photo....your's wonderful!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  4. Ah Nancy, perfect picture for your banner!!
    Purple Coneflowers are one of my all time favorites. I love mixing them with Black-eyed Susans and other wildflowers! The butterflies are beautiful.

    The garden area looks like a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the marvelous views. I really would like to hear more about it.

  5. Oh my goodness Nancy! The flower with the butterflies is so amazing! I do believe God orchestrated that special moment just for you. Thank you for sharing it with us. I love your cornflowers. My ftr-in-law just gave me a start from his cornflower plants. Hope they bloom for me. Your cabin looks like a comfy and peaceful place to be and your flower addition is the perfect touch.

  6. Oh and you should enter that beautiful photo in a photo contest. It really looks like a professional shot.

  7. Nancy, My first time here and I must say "what a blessing you are" I read back through your blog and now I feel like I know you a bit. It is always good to find another sister in the Lord. I would love to hear the "history" you talked about. We have a gray cat just like Simon, only it's a she, her name is Salu.I put you on my favorites list and I will be back.
    Be Blessed

  8. You captured a real God moment with your banner picture my friend :-) What an oases you've created, just love that art shed and your 'gathering' area. What a gift you have to create such inviting spaces.

  9. Such a beautifull place! And the fotos are really good

  10. your shed looks like an enchanting place....thanks for sharing it with us! and your butterfly photo is gorgeous, and the perfect banner for your blog (are you suuuuure you didn't ask them to pose for you? heeheehee)!!! xox, :))

  11. You are making me homesick!! Awesome moments in that place of solace. I miss it! You need to go to the On Wings blog and see my comment to you. Guess I thought I was writing on yours. Beautiful pictures. I know you are having a blast up there. Praying for your retreat time. Love Ya

  12. Thank you for coming by my blog at Tattered Past. I'm so glad you did because I found you soon. What a beautiful blog you have, what a beautiful art shed and surroundings. Wow. I feel like this would be the sanctuary of a lifetime. And your photos are wonderful too.

  13. This is such a special photograph that it should be shared on a much broader base. Would you like for me to tell you what to do with it? :-) I'm being serious about a devotional and the picture. Thanks for sharing. God keeps giving you opportunities to display His Wonders. PG

  14. Thank you for coming by my blog, nice to meet you. I hae been enjoying all your photos and work in a lot of areas all beautiful. I enjoy gardening also, and appreciate knitting as I have a daughter who is an avid knitter and spinner. My husband made her a spinning wheel that she uses all the time.

    Beautiful cat and darling dog.

    thanks for the fun visit, see you again.

  15. Beautiful photos, Nancy! The butterfly photos are incredible.

    I love your art shed! Wish I had one like that!


  16. Amazing shots of the butterflies, really really good! Now I see how you got your new header. What a beautiful plot of earth you call home.
    De-Lovely! **kisses** Deb

  17. Appreciate your visit today and the comment you left. I am looking forward to learning more about your special place.


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