Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The story behind the mountain property....

About 18 years ago, I felt God had given me direction...It was to buy a piece of property in the mountains with two houses one to be used for people in Christian ministry for short reprieves and the other for us.  So we started looking for property but none fit the bill as above described so I kinda let it slide and wondered if I had heard correctly from the Lord.....

Many years later, we were spending the day with some friends who have a place in the mountains and in my spirit I knew it was time to look again....Within two weeks, God led me to the was an eleven acre tract of land with a roaring stream and two houses..As we pulled in the driveway, there sat a small old farmhouse and up the drive sat another house which was overlooking a roaring mountain stream.....I knew immediately this was the place.....We spent the better part of the day there and that afternoon my husband wrote a deposit check....Miracle number one, my husband does not do that kind of thing...He usually takes days for him to pray about and decide...I've known him since I was a child and never has he done that before........He also knew this was the property God had for us and since he is a fly fisherman, it didn't hurt that it had a roaring stream.

The lady selling the property had the main cabin built out of all recycled wood
and had planted flower beds from her grandmother's garden...needless to say, it was a very unique property....She had kinda let the place go and it needed lots of work and love.

We were so blessed that God put in our path, three wonderful mountain men who considered themselves to be carpenters but who in fact are talented craftsmen....We immediately started renovation....we added a big screen porch and then went about completely renovating the little farm house....It had to be gutted and started afresh but instructions were clear and percise and every decision was prayed over throughly....It was finished the next Spring and my sweet hubby had a sign made dedicating it as the Potter's House.....We then went on to fix up the shed which is now the Art Shed and then on to major renovations to the main cabin.......It was finshed and we have beeen blessed by  all the people God has brought to us through this property.

Along with the house renovations, I had set a plan for each year to plant and design the property....I am now through the main part of the property and have started up the mountain.....and working on the hiking trials....

I believe God has given us this property to be used for His glory and honor and for His children to come away from the world and have a beautiful place they can be renewed and refreshed.....He has blessed our efforts abundantly and we have had women's retreats, women's Bible study groups, missionaries, pastors from all over and others who just needed a reprieve from their hectic world of ministry...He continues to surprise us with the people He chooses to use the Potter's House.

Once you enter that gate, one really feels as though they have stepped into another world as you are completely surrounded by the natural beauty of God's hear the stream running down the mountain, birds are singing, deer wonder up for a drink of water, rabbits dashing around, huge rocks sticking out that God made so many years ago...trees everywhere singing their melody while butterflies feast on georgeous flowers that only a creative God could have's truly an escape from a noisy world into a garden where God is eager to meet anyone who will take the time to sit down and listen....

I take no credit for any of this as I have just been the instrument God has used to work out His plan....and because of this if it sounds like I am boasting about this place, it's boasting of what God has accomplished and a very grateful heart that He would allow me to be a part........As you can tell, this property holds a very special place in my heart because here God is teaching me to "listen".......

I apologize this is such a long post but it really just briefly describes what has occurred in the mountains of N.C.....thanks for reading along about my journey to follow God's plan to have a place for His children to draw aside and drink of Him.....I'll put up some pictures later that you can see parts I haven't shown before.....Much love to each of you my friends.......

                          Alittle Humor.....even the frogs pray here!!!!!! (Look Hard)

Hugs and Blessings,


  1. Nancy what a story and what a property. Anyone would be blessed and moved by God in such an environment. The mysteries of God's work in our lives is amazing. Would never misinterpret this great story as bragging, it's told with humility and awe. None the less I want to say, you and your husband have also worked hard to develop the land and buildings to make them the blessing they are today, not everyone could pull that off Nanc :-) God bless you for it!

  2. What a wonderful post! You certainly have been blessed and to see you using it to the Glory of God is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  3. PS - thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Nancy, I loved reading how God lead you to this place, and how you listened, how you continue to listen and use what he has blessed you with for others. I know you hold it with open hands and heart.

    Big hugs!!!

    Everything that has breath praise the LORD!!!
    including frogs!!!!

  5. what an amazing post! thx for sharing! (:

  6. I love your story of God leading you and your husband to the perfect spot! How wonderful that you are so generous with his gift and share it with others! I'm so happy to meet another sister. :-)

  7. OMGoodness, what an amazing and beautiful story! What a wonderful thing you have done.
    **clapping of many hands** Deb ♥♥♥

  8. Oh Nancy, what a wonderful heart you have! God is using your heart in BIG ways to bless others. This dream and desire God placed in you has been fulfilled. How exciting and what a blessing YOU are! It's so encouraging to hear how God has used you and your desires/dreams and made them real. I myself have dreamed of getting away from the city and going to a special place set in nature, just like you describe as your "Potters House". What a great name! Being at the Potters House would be like God continuing on his molding and beautifying of inner selves with all of that rest, God in the nature all around and just a time to listen without disturbances. Sounds heavenly!

    Thank you Nancy, for using your heart, giving it to Him, and letting him take it to be such a great blessing to others. You have been such an encouragement to me today. Thank you!

    Lee Ann

  9. Nancy;
    I was truly touched by your story of "Potter's House" and how God prepared you ahead of time for what you are doing now. God is so good. My husband has spoken of wanting a place like this to bless others with. Who knows, maybe we will be there one day too as it has been placed on both of our hearts. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story and miracles.
    God bless you and your hubby for following God's direction.

  10. Nancy; this was so beautiful to read. Thank you for sharing this with us. You have followed His calling, for you, and I am so happy for you and those who can be enriched by this magical path. xxoo

  11. this story is so amazing to me...i am speechless...
    god is flawless.

  12. What a wonderful, wonderful story - you are so very blessed! Your photos are mesmerizing - this is such a special and restful and welcoming place to be and to live. Lucky, lucky you my friend!



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