Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Roles We Play

God gives us as women many roles in to play while here on this earth........I guess I am acutely aware of this right now as I have just spent a week and a half as Grandmother.........and it was wonderful....the joys of being a grandmother are endless and one of the best roles God has given me to play.....wife to a wonderful man, mother to two loving children, mother in law to two special people.....but also I am a friend to a dear friend in crisis.......God has a plan for each of us and is always drawing us with His everlasting love.......and though our roles may change from one season to another, one thing we can always count on is God drawing us to Himself and showering us with His everlasting love.....
Last night we were watching a movie and I sat down with my pad and colored pencils just to "mess" but what came out represented to me some of the roles I play and the mountains of emotions that are attached to these roles........but the "son" was shining above to shed a glow and bring balance with His fingers of love.......

Hugs and Blessings,


  1. Oh well said Nanc, well said. Isn't it surprising what comes out of us as we give way to creative expression? Your art piece fits so well what you wrote about, the two complete each other.

  2. love what comes out when we just sit quiet and create!!

    you have been busy, the birthday photos are adorable!!! rest up from your time with sweet grandbabies!!! I know it is a joy, but it can be exhausting too!!!


  3. you are SO right.....we have many roles in life! i'm so happy that you're enjoying your role as grandma (i'm still eagerly waiting for that one.....hopefully someday i'll step into those shoes!!!). and don't forget your role as "sweet bloggy friend".....you're a natural at that one, too!! thanks for your dear comment over at my blog! happy week to you!
    xox, :))

  4. Thanks Nancy, that's what I thought as I placed three hands on the painting. I know only Jesus has the real hands, but symbolically I like the three.

  5. Your post was awesome and so is your blog.. I am your newest follower and thanks for stopping by my blog too. Excuse my late reply from me as my family is still with us this week from California...Its just CRAZY I tell ya,,,,anyhoo's HUGS Dena

  6. No, no, Dena, *I'm* her newest follower!! Lol!

    Hey there Nancy, I love your blog! What beautiful knitting, too. My eye caught that great Van Gogh quote (whom I dearly love and admire). But I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog recently. Always a pleasure to meet another sister in Christ. Much love to you today!

    ~ Vicki

  7. Nancy, you are just the sweetest soul. I can tell from your writings, creations and the comments you leave for others. I'm so glad God put you in my path.

    I agree that when we sit and just piddle (is that a word?) with our art and just quietly create for the fun of it, we will hear things from what we've created because it's coming from inside of us. I need to do this more!

    Lee Ann

  8. You know I believe I like all the faces I saw. I so want us to go play together some time so you can help me bring out my creativity. I use to love to draw but don't ever try it anymore. seeing your drawings makes me want to try again. You forgot your friend face that helps create blogs and offers getaways to weary souls. You are the best and I am learning that more and more. Love ya,

  9. Isn't it fun to be grandmother! I love the roles God has given me now. Some roles over the years have been harder than others but al have beenl good. Love your drawing!

  10. Love your sketch.. and the symbolic "three"..
    I am so happy to have found you .. we must stick together like peanut butter and jelly as christians!

  11. There's nothing like expressing ourselves in an artful way. Very healing!

  12. Oh De-Lovely! Such strong looking women. Lifting you friend up in prayer, never ceasing.
    **blows kisses** Deb


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