Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Project

You gals are the will never know how much your comments you left yesterday meant to me...Such encouragement...thanks for being so kind and supportive....I truly have found many like minded friends in blog world....You just never know whose hands God will use to bless you.....
I usually have several  projects going at a time and  I started a new one last night......I found this funky vest pattern by Emma Fassio and thought that would be an easy mindless knit and a vest that would be great for the summer....It's very easy; just a rectangle with two holes for the arms.......Simon decided he wanted to get in on the photography shoot and he adds so much....He's such a neat cat; just so social and ready for anything..........

The yarn is a cotton/silk blend in spring green

He went in for a little drapping

Hugs and Blessings,


  1. Ooh I love the design and lay of that vest. And the silky yarn in green apple is yummy, I would be running my fingers over the yarn all the time :-)

  2. by far, that vest design is awesome!
    I wish I were there playing w/kitty and touching that yarn!
    We would have a ball! Oh.. did I say.."ball"?
    Quiet kitty! lol
    hugs xo

  3. I adore that vest! And Simon is a beautiful kitty! xxoo

  4. That's very cute and I love your yarn color. Simon acts a lot like our Oliver - always in the middle of things!

  5. Hi Nancy, I have been trying to leave a comment and could not read the word for word verification. I am trying a different browser to see if that helps.

    okay, I am in explorer/was in firefox and I can see the word!!!

    I love the vest you are making - lovly color. And though it looks great on Simon, tell him he has to share, because it will look great on you!!!! It's a great pattern!!! I would like to try something other than a scarf, but I'm a little afraid of patterns!!!!

  6. I love that vest!!!!! You must take a picture of yourself wearing this for us Nancy.

  7. What a beautiful cat! My goodness. My grandcat just allowed me to brush him today. Yes, I am raising my grandcat, probably forever, as his Daddy is making a career of the army. Love the vest, but here in the desert we would have to wear it over a bikini!!! teehee. Ooooooo make the visual stop! NO BIKINI FOR ME! **kisses** Deb


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