Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Journal Page

I have to admit I felt like I was cheating when I first started the digital collage class but I have found that it takes me just about as long to get all my elements together as it does for a regular collage.  I haven't given up my paints, etc...but I sure am having fun with this new medium.  Warning:  please don't try digital collage unless you want a new addiction.......

Also, I continue to be amazed with all the meaning that lies beneath in art journaling.  Just like the following collage, I had no idea that was a compass until I enlarged it to put in the collage..and the girl, I painted her and the look on her face is definitely one full of questions....I think I am beginning to see a thread running through my work of late......

Hugs and blessings,


  1. This is so cool Nanc, I can see why you're addicted to digital :-) Interesting how our art reflects our inner world even when we don't know we are doing it.

  2. you are just taking off and flying aren't you???? yes you are!! i love this, and yes it is interesting to see patterns emerge!!! Art and God have a way of doing that!!


  3. Wow! This is gorgeous! I love the layers and colors.

  4. oh nancy, this is stunning! keep fluttering those butterfly are discovering so much!!! xox, :))

  5. Wow - that is really cool! I've been thinking of starting digital scrapbooking. This digital stuff looks like fun!

  6. WOW!!!!!!! a confirmation for me....and interesting bit of symbiosis here between our posts...

    ...I have a lot of questions at this point on my path, but, there it is, the compass superimposed over every inquiry.......

    Definitely a "selah" moment here for me....

    off to "selah".....

    thanks, Nancy...

  7. I love what is happening with your art and heart, Nancy. That mariner's compass speaks to me....

  8. this is so the symbolism of the compass...
    i have wanted to dabble in digital work, but yikes! to find the time is hard...maybe when i retire...

  9. This is marvelous Nancy and the layering is such fun! It took me forever to get the concept but it appears you are really taking to this!

  10. I love it! Wow Nancy, you look like you've already been doing this digital collage for years. This medium is fitting you well. I would have no idea how to do this. My hubby recently bought me Photoshop but I'm such a beginner in using it and am not sure what I'm doing yet. Do you use photoshop in your digital journal pages? Where do you find all of your wonderful images to use?

    Gooooooo Nancy!

  11. the digital world of creativity is indeed addictive..and that's just pure bliss, right! I think it's wonderful to find outlets to our creativity in as many different forms as possible! it staves off boredom, makes us step outside our comfort zones....and really serves to keep life interesting and colourful for us artsy fartsy types!

    thanks so much for sharing!
    this page is wonderful!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  12. Love your art and what a beautiful blog!!

  13. Howdy Nancy,
    Mariner's Compass is my all time FAVE quilt block pattern. How you've layered it with the portrait makes it even more intriguing... This piece is so inspiring - love it!

    Meanwhile I would love for you to visit my blog, and comment on some of my art when you have a moment or 2!

    Mary Lou 'LuLu'
    BLOG Art:

  14. it's always great to learn new forms of art isn't it? i enjoyed my visit to your blog. thanks for sharing


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