Monday, July 19, 2010

Scripture Journal Page

This is my Scripture Journal Page for today......Job 21:7
After reading this, I decided the question for today was "What Have you Done with my Son?

I hope you look at the post below to see some of my playing with this digital art course I am taking...So much fun.....

Hugs and blessings,


  1. Nancy I love what's coming from you!!!!

  2. your digital art is really fabulous, nancy! i can see those butterfly wings growing.....and taking off with this new class! so glad you're enjoying it! xox, :))

  3. Beautiful work! Your digital creations are stunning. I love the little angel layered with the sheet music. Really inspirational! Digital work is so fun and a bit addicting I'm afraid- what fun to be taking a course. Thanks for your lovely comment and visit to my blog!

  4. I'm seeing a "new" side of you Nancy! This is wonderful and you are expressing yourself so well.

  5. Nancy; your digital art is beautiful. Love your layering and isn't it fun to do with your own artwork? I love what you're doing. xxoo

  6. okay digital art is where it's at! so much fun to come and see you here!

    have a great night!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina


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