Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Scripture Art Journal

My quiet time today was about Paul knowing God's call on his life and he purposed to fulfill it without regard for physical consequences...Acts 21:10 - 11  There was not a hint of Paul being like Jonah who had done his best to run from God's directions to go to Nineveh.....  Both were getting on a boat and both had a choice as to whether he would listen to God or disobey.......

The question for me is will I respond like Jonah, looking for a way of escape, or like Paul rushing toward my destiny?  This applies to all our decisions....some are big and some are small directions we hear in our everyday life......will I be obedient even when my flesh wants comfort or will I listen as God tugs me toward new challenges and reminds me that in perservering to the end, a crown of glory awaits.....So will I choose the easy and comfortable road or the CROWN (the reason for the crown in the picture) that He ha waiting for me.  The choice is mine, EVERY TIME......

Hugs and blessings,


  1. Beautiful post with your words and art to express yourself. Your vest, below, is stunning! xxoo

  2. oh my, this art & words are beautiful, inspiring, deep, beckoning! so lovely
    to visit your blog!

  3. Great lesson to try and figure out which way we would choose (will choose). Also great idea to turn it into a journal entry. I pray that God molds us into Paul's as we go through this life journey. Thanks for sharing. Hugs and God bless you.

  4. Nancy this is wonderful!!!!
    How easy it is to run or hide at times, even when we know The Fathers heart is good!!

  5. thank you for this encouragement today, your post spoke to my heart...

  6. This is a wonderful post today and something to meditate on FOR SURE!!!

  7. We're in the same "playground"!! I love the way you express it in art. Challenge - the thought process is good in the "big" assignments. . .it's the day to day ones that cause struggles for me. Got some "artistic" questions - I need another lesson from you. PG

  8. This comes at a great time, I am studying Paul's journey right now. Your words speak to my heart!

  9. Beautifully said Nancy and your journal page is wonderful too.

    You have no idea how much I needed to be reminded of your message about staying verses running to comfort. I've done that in a job he's given me in the past- the running part.

    Thank you for sharing what God is doing in your heart and life through your creations and words.

    Lee Ann

  10. Nancy
    your journal page is beautiful! I needed to read your words this morning as we had a frustrating night at ER (no medical insurance) and I was angry about it. I know that the Lord always provides in some way and we must continue to believe and follow his path!

  11. Nancy thank you for your comments - and it was not long!! :) I know art is a powerful tool, and I love to hear stories how God is using in it peoples lives.

    Big Hugs!!!

  12. i love your comparison between Jonah and Paul! and knowing that we don't always make the best choices, God is always there for us, either way!! thank you for such a beautiful thought to ponder....! xox, :))

  13. What a *timely* word for me tonight, Nancy. This brought such encouragement and clear direction to my heart...what a comforting compass...

    So grateful for your note on my site and *so* grateful to have made your aquaintence...Thanks so much for introducing yourself, as it brought me here, to this beautiful gift of a blog...I'd love to tag along : )

    I'll write back tomorrow to your little note on my site as well, but time to tuck in for tonight...

    Thanks again, Nancy : )

  14. What a lovely, lovely blog! My breath caught as the beautiful photo of the butterfly popped up. I've enjoyed poking your creations! And the book title "Where was the prodigal's mother; Trusting your son to the Father." brought unexpected tears, really tugging at my deep places. And this post...simply delightful! I want to run into the fray, too....trusting ALL of my stuff to the Father:) Glad to find your blog, Nancy.

  15. I love to find blogs where God is at centerstage! Will wander around yours a bit more! Patsy from


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