Sunday, September 12, 2010

All of life is Precious

All to often, I am guilty of seeing people in various places and summing them up......
Last night I was watching a program about Mother Teresa and I was very convicted that my job is to love as Christ loved and nothing judging, no summing up.

This is a quote from Mother Teresa:
     All life is precious
     from the womb to the tomb
     no matter how we find it

No matter how we find it......we are to love, accept unconditionally, and be Jesus's hands to care for's not my place to judge how they got in the situation they are in I am only to show LOVE..........

Hugs and blessings,


  1. I so love Mother Theresa. So much to learn from her its amazing isn't it. Judging is something my mom use to say if you do it then you have not time to love the person you judge. I also know there is a quote similar to my Mom's thinking that states the same.
    Thanks your comment today as well. Its been hard two weeks..but we are so blessed today!

  2. Always smile when I see your notes and I thank you for stopping by my post today Sweetie..
    I'm very thankful...
    God's blessings all over you this new week~~~Hugs Dena

  3. BTW~~~ My Sissi says,,,Daisy is a Cutie and Simon is very handsome for a cat ;0)
    More Hugs Dena

  4. Nancy, How true this is. I must admit that I must constantly remind myself of this each day, often at work. So many of my patients have problems created by their lifestyles and poor choices they have made. Your blog is so beautiful and your post/s are so inspirational. Hope we can get together soon and spin or knit and chat. Belvadear

  5. I so love to read your posts nancy. They are always so wise and kind. Sometimes it is hard not to prejudge, but I think I'm getting better!
    Jubne xx

  6. Boy can I relate!
    Someone once told me
    "you can't dissect a living thing."
    Ouch and thank you!
    So grateful the Lord doesn't leave
    us the way we are!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely heart,

  7. Yes girl, we are all learning and maturing I pray in this regard. Thanks for your honesty. Can't wait to see you! I am going to commit to posting on my blog more now that I am retiring. Can you put a counter on mine?

  8. Needed this word..."no judging, no summing up".....those are muscles that are a little gimpy for me...... and learn and learn and much more learning to do...

    thanks for your road sign of a post here, Nancy, helped my trajectory today...

  9. This is such a beautiful reminder! Thanks for sharing it. :)
    By the way, your photo of Simon along the side bar.... yes, he's gorgeous and he looks a lot like our kitty, Winston. :)

  10. What a beautiful lesson, indeed!!! So important and one we all need to remember...Mother Theresa was amazing...all she did to help all those children...she was a saint.

  11. Love thAT QUOTE NANCY. Can you tell I can't type on my friend's computer. It's a scrolly laptop- don't like!

    Your post is really a good reminder not to try and figure out how people got where they are, but just to show love and help where we can. I'm so glad that Jesus stays the same and loves us unconditionally no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in that can happen from out own boo boo mistakes.

    ♥ Lee Ann


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