Monday, November 8, 2010

My Grandson's Visual Journal Page

I spent the weekend with my grandchildren and children and what a surprise when I went with Leigh to pick Hank up from school (he's in kinder garden) and he comes running to the car with his piece of art.  I am just blown because my first thought
 was Visual Journaling......I asked about the process they went through and he told me the teacher put on music and ask them to put different objects on the page that represented what he was seeing in his mind.......what a great idea....and to start them so early on this type of art......Some of us in our older years are just becoming aware of this process and how helpful it is into seeing issues and things going on in our minds and hearts.....

We have ladies at the retreats that think they can't do any kind of art and I guess because of just coming out of one and spending so much time thinking and creating visual pages, I was just so taken that a child has reminded me that anyone at any age can make art...and wonderful art to boot....My grandchildren are always giving me art they created and it makes me so happy to see their creative tendencies encouraged....

I made so much over it that he gave it to me to put up in my studio at home.....It is just so precious to me and every time I look at it I will not only think of a very special little boy who I love to pieces but a reminder from a child that I can do art too...........I learn so much from my three grandchildren and they hold a place next to my heart that only they can fill........Love from a child keeps one growing....

We must keep our ears and eyes open because you never know where inspiration and encouragement is going to show up in our lives.......Thank you Hank for blessing your Nanie beyond measure.....

Hugs and blessings,


  1. Well Nancy I would have reacted the same as you for we do need to be reminded that age has no bearing on visual journaling...How awesome that your little grandson is following in his Grandmother's steps..ehehehehehe!!! Love you so dear...haven't been walking so didn't get the ring off yet...sooooon!!! (((hugs)))

  2. Hank thinks it is super cool that his art work is "in" the computer. Had a great weekend. I love you!!!!

  3. Nancy this is precious. And on so many levels. First that the teacher had them do this kind of creating - to stop the moment and think about what he was seeing on his mind. We blast through our moments without pausing to look so much of the time do we not?? And, Nancy your praise and encouragement to him must have blessed his little heart. Affirmation coming from his Nanie is huge to his little heart. And that he offered it to you, and you are displaying it is another hug in his little heart and soul. We all so need that.

    Thanks for sharing his wonderful creation.

    Love you!

  4. Hi Nancy!

    This post was just sooooo darling! I loved every word...and how precious was it that such a fun work of art from your grandchild is now yours to keep in your studio! I know it makes you smile every day!

    Age matters not, what matters is that we make art! and have fun doing it!
    thanks for your visit!

    ciao bella!

    Creative Carmelina

  5. Looks like grandma's artistic gene pool splashed onto grand son.

  6. So, so true!
    I think we "grown up"s are the ones
    who struggle to get back to the
    childlike way of seeing things.
    They've yet to become disconnected
    from their hearts.
    What glorious art he made:)

  7. What a wonderful post and true words indeed. Thank you so much for the visit. Love your blog and will follow what you are doing. :)

  8. Nancy, the timing of finding your blog and this post is perfect. We are going to visit our grandsons for Thanksgiving and you gave me the great idea of art journaling together.
    Thank you!


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