Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Silly Animals

It was late afternnon yesterday and I was reading but when I glanced down to see my two funny animals playing with the shadows my foot was making in the light and I just sat and laughed.....Daisy, the dog, thinks Simon, the cat, set the moon and whatever Simon is doing Daisy will follow along.....Simon is obcessed with shadows and will play along time as long as they are moving.....As you might expect, I am happy to oblige him.......
Catching those special moments in life no matter how insignificant they may seem...........
Hugs and blessings,


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  2. SO CUTE!!! We keep a prism on the windowsill and when the sun is just right it can keep our bird captivated for as long as it lasts. If we happen to catch him eye-following the glints of light around the's pretty entertaining.

  3. make me wish I had a pet again. They are so sweet.

  4. I can picture you sitting there in your cozy mountain home reading. I love how they are right there with you.....we have a Golden Retriever that is obsessed with light and shadows - course it did not help that our oldest son did that with the use of a Lazar pointer thingy. lol

    Hope you are having a relaxing, refreshing time!

    Love you!

  5. oh, did I tell you when I got home, one of my cats, the one that looks like Simon has vertigo??? They call it something different, but it's basically the same thing!!! Go figure!!!

  6. I would love to have watched your cat chasing the shadows. How adorable.

  7. What cute "children" you have! Pets make the best of time better, and the worst of times bearable. Home isn't home without them, ;). Thanks for sharing your babies with us here.

  8. so sweet and cozy's good to be
    Simon and Daisy:)

  9. I once had a cat that I used the reflection of a mirror to play with. He would jump up the wall to try and catch the spot of light.
    Couldn't have been too bright though, he never caught on!

  10. How funny!
    Thank you for visiting... and your kind words. Much appreciated.
    Daisy looks like my Stella!

  11. Oh, I love to watch the animals play, they are so cute. Thanks for sharing that. :)


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