Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Unfinished Project

Do you ever have a project you ignore or just can't get yourself to finish.....Well I have one right now...I guess I should start at the beginning.  Last year, my DH asked me to knit him a pair of wool fishing socks....He's an (obsessed) fly fisherman so of course I agreed....I started the socks but soon I was slipping into other projects that were more interesting and the socks were eventually put aside...way aside.....
With a new year beginning, I was looking in my yarn stash for a project and the socks glared back at me...."Are you ever going to finish me" so I got them out again and working very hard to get them finished because they are just as boring now as they were last year......but somehow this represents my undying love for my DH so I refuse to start another project until they are finished.  I am not sure what the problem is with these socks...I love knitting socks, pretty girly socks but he wanted brown and I am very sick of brown....So when you think of me, know I am knitting at a fast speed....

Please feel free to share any unfinished projects you struggle to complete.....

                             Hugs and blessings,


  1. I had to knit a pair for my hubby this year, not really knowing if he would wear them. (which he has, thank heavens, I didn't want to have to smack him!).
    BUT! I now have a pair of socks almost done for myself that I have utterly lost interest in (never happens) and a dog coat half done that I can't quiet wrap my head around the instructions.
    So those are my *must knits*---I really need the needles for another project! LOL!


  2. Hi Nancy, Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I wish you speedy stitches on your knitting project -- I haven't been able to master the double pointed needles yet. Right now I'm knitting a prayer shawl for my youngest daughter, which is a joy to do.

  3. so, so sweet!
    I tip my hat to you
    for knitting anything
    at all!
    I like the brown,
    you're knitting for
    your dear one.
    What an interesting
    life you're leading:)

  4. You are knitting out of love and whether it takes a day or another year, when he sees you at it, he'll feel that love. Keep knitting, DH's are hard to find....and keep!

  5. LOL, too funny. Hats off to you though for sticking it out and finishing that not so fun project. You're my hero :-)

  6. oh yes, all our undones!
    i have a couple bags of unfinished knits!
    & who knows all the other life catagories of unfinished piles too!
    & so i meet you in the midst of it all,
    w/understanding & joy in the making anyway!

  7. How fabulous to hear that I'm not alone in the world of UFO'S. Have a sweater on the needles for hubby 10 months,a levi quilt for daughter 3 months, and I don't feel like touching either one right now, let alone finishing ugh!!

    But a promise to myself they WILL be done 'this year'- (Breath in, Breath out-Knit one,Purl two) Yep I'm determined to finish--
    I hope.

    Love your kitty Simon, I have a gorgeous kitty Roman that could be his brother.


  8. Nancy they look like they would be so nice and warm.
    I have numerous projects that need finishing. I start one project and then bounce to another and then back to the first. You get the idea.
    It takes me forever to finish something.


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