Monday, January 10, 2011

Journal page on Affirmation

Every once in a while when I catch myself feeling resentment or self pity, I have to ask myself where am I looking for affirmation....We were made to need affirmation and know the old pat on the back once in a while but often we don't get it...or maybe we are "needy" in this area of our life.....didn't get what we needed when we were a child and still searching for that nod of approval.....
This issue can become a real trap if I am not careful......catch myself doing things for the wrong reasons or having too high an expectation on others....When I do that and those old self pity feelings come I know I have given away my power and I need to trust my own judgements.
Of course I already have God's approval so that is set but He has promised to provide for all my needs and that includes any affirmation I may need...Sometimes, though, I tell Him I need the physical touch or words and that's when I ask Him to send me Him with arms and legs.  In order words, a human.....and if it is a need He knows that I need then He sends me that human or provides for what I need in other ways......
This is all about trusting Him and looking to Him more and more for all my needs......I serve a mighty God who is quite capable of taking care of this little sheep He birthed many years ago......

        Hugs and blessings,


  1. I love the beautiful colors on this page!

  2. Oh boy can I relate!!!
    Sometimes I feel like I
    crave it like air or water.
    Gosh I can go down a dark
    road with this stuff.
    Thank God He is a fantastic
    shepherd who is wildly capable
    of leading us out of those places
    and into freedom.
    I'm hungry for that kind of freedom
    ~to love and receive love without
    the ache for affirmation.
    Take us there, Lord!
    Thanks for this today, Nancy.
    Love and hugs,

  3. I remember a sermon years ago by our dear pastor. Is God enough? I have grown to believe that He is. I don't depend on any affirmation anymore but His. Takes a load off my family and friends and puts me in a much better receive His love and approval. I learned long ago that I would continue to FEEL worthless if I depended on human approval or words of afformation. God has told me I am worthy, beautiful, and that He loves me no matter that is enough!!! What a beautiful journal you made out of your feelings though Nancy. I love it. You are the most creative friend I have. You are precious to me and I know He affirms that also!!! I do know from whence you come though. You know I do!!!

  4. Oh Nancy, me too, me too!
    Isn't it good to be able to journal these things, and so beautifully... love these pages.

  5. God first...then love yourself. I have struggled with this much of my life, but since doing what I love (what I was created for?) it seems better. What I DO makes me so happy, that the rest flows...Prayer and faith are intertwined in all of this. I adore you!♥ You are never alone, dear lady, dear friend. Your words are beautiful, your thoughts are normal and appreciated, your sadness is real and can be shared. Your journal is you. Lovely. ~K

  6. Oh my goodness! I have been going through this same thing. Couldn't believe it when I read this. Sometimes I think I am so alone in feelings and thoughts and it is so good to know that others share these same feelings and I am not alone. But even more so, it is great to know that I am never alone regardless, that God is always by my side helping me through these tough times. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Beautiful journal page, Nancy.

    Hugs to you,

  8. God is good. He made you very talented and I love your colors and artwork on the page.

  9. Hi Nancy!
    First off let me just say what a pleasure it was to hear from you!
    Secondly...your sentiments here are very candid, and human after all!
    I think we can all identify with those moments where we just need more, or where our current needs aren't being met...but your attitude will do much to keep a healthy disposition and a beautiful smile on your face!

    There is more happiness in giving! and when we put the focus on others well being, we get back tenfold what we put out!
    Have yourself a great day...keep journaling your pages...

    come on by...i just posted for the day...and we would so have a coffee together if we were closer! oh, and of course a hug!

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina


  10. I understand fully where you are coming from here Nancy! I've always had to check my need for affirmation too. God gives it so freely and so much more fully than anyone else can. I think you have the gift of "encouragement" and you love encouraging and affirming others, and do it so well, therefore it is natural to need it back sometimes.

    Thank you for being a wonderful example of a sweet soul who gives so freely to others. God knows that about you and is so proud of you.

    ♥Lee Ann

  11. Awesome journal page! Our God is an awesome one.

  12. Nancy;
    We are on the same page lately with our thoughts, I like that. Your entry was written so beautifully and I love your journal page! You inspire me with your creativity, thank you for that. You are a very special lady and I always welcome your words and encouragement to me, it touches my heart. Hugs and more hugs to you my friend!

  13. Great journal page -- so much color and expression. Thanks for sharing it. And thanks for visiting my blog. I'm knitting a prayer shawl for one of my daughters -- she requested it and I'm thrilled to comply. I want to know more about your eternity scarf. I've seen them but never thought about trying to knit one.


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