Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 31, 2009

Last day to write this date forever......just reminds me how important each day is----once it's gone, it can never be gotten back again......I ask myself do I realize the importance of each day - am I mindful I can never get it back - do I stop and give thought to how I am spending this precious commodity?
This being the last day of the year, there are two things on my mind....One- thinking of memories and last year and the other the excitement of a new year beginning tomorrow....a year of all new adventures....First to deal with the memories.....I was stopped in my tracks this morning when I came across a picture of someone else's could have been my Casey......she was a wonderful horse and friend; gentle yet spirited, loving yet had boundaries, kind but would not be bullied......took very good care of her riders but expected very little in return......a wonderful listener..Two years ago, Casey had bladder cancer and is no longer with me...I miss her so much
but glad she is no longer suffering.....She gave me so many good memories to take out and think about when I am sad or missing her......I can always be with her in my mind and heart......
So memories are not to be dreaded but the good ones should be nourished and taken out often and examined and enjoyed....It's OK if they make us feel sad, we can go back to the moment in time and savor it again and again......Brings me back to my first thought.....are we spending each day so as to have wonderful memories to savor later when being with that special person, animal, or being in that moment will end and no longer available to us?
I think I am going to wait until tomorrow to start my pondering on the New Year and it's expectations......and spend today, when thought time is available, to continue in my memories
evaluating and enjoying......

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