Sunday, June 6, 2010

Journal Page

Well, I decided I would get my paints out today....I have realized I really like doing two things...first painting a watercolor page and I love painting I started out with a watercolor page, then added my face and decided it needed some additions...I wasn't happy with the first things I did so I stamped and painted over some of it....didn't have my gesso up here in the mountains so had to make do.......It was alot of fun...I really seem to loose myself when I am doing these pages or even just drawing faces....I don't know what it is about faces but I really like to draw them....I think I need to take another class.....
Well, guess I'd better get back to my knitting if I want to wear that vest any time this  summer......

Hugs and Blessings,


  1. Your painting is so colorful and fresh--I love it! I have never been able to knit, but your projects are fantastic!

  2. It is wonderful! You know, art isn't perfect. We are our worst/toughest critics, too. Once I started to figure that out, I relaxed and am reaching further into the talents that God has given me. I like the job you did on the painting and the face. :)

  3. Great journal page Nancy. Isn't if fun to play in our journals?! :)

    My Simon look alike kitty has 6 stones in her bladder. She is not a happy kitty right now, and neither are we. I have had to restrict her to our bathroom since she is peeing all over the place!!!! :/ She is on medication, we are hoping it disolves them.
    Poor Flirt!!!!

  4. What a lovely journal page! Glad you got your paints out :) xxoo

  5. Nancy, you asked how we knew??
    She began peeing on our chairs!! I knew something was up. She will have to have surgery if the meds don't work. Which is coming at a very bad time financially for us.
    But what can we do??? She is only three years old.

  6. It's a wonderful painting, Nancy. I love the colors you used. Very nice.

    In case you didn't receive my email, I mail same day or next day from my etsy shop. So if you want to order something, I will have it in the mail tomorrow morning (priority mail).


  7. Lovely work!
    Blessings, peace, and love!

  8. Love the colors in this one. a quiet joy. **happy smiles** Deb


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